Why MicroModal


MicroModalUndershirts made from MicroModal? Could be that you have never heard about this textile before. But those who know about the material say it is a ‘’wonder material’’, due to its amazing benefits. MicroModal is comfortable to wear, heavenly soft and 50% more breathable than cotton. MicroModal is 100% sustainable and 100% produced in the European Union.

Want to know more?

Origin of MicroModal

The story of MicroModal starts in Austria. Were the MicroModal is created by using the most futuristic and innovative fibre technology. And the basic ingredient? Beech wood.

The beech tree

MicroModalBeech trees are growing in Europe for thousands of years. But did you know the growing of the beech wood tree is something special? Because they multiply by "rejuvenation" which means that the trees propagate by themselves.

And like all trees, Austrian beech wood trees grow by air, water and earth. These are pretty simple botanic principles. But the good thing is, no artificial irrigation or planting is required. And that makes beech wood forests a complete natural and sustainable source of raw material.


Turning beech wood into MicroModal

The beech wood for the MicroModal comes mainly from Austria. The replenishable raw materials from the beech wood trees are pulverized into pulp. The whole process has integrated an amazing amount of environmental innovations. Innovations which are not commercially available. And to make sure no damage will be done to the environment.

Then the pulp arrives at the Edelweiss fiber technology process. By using oxygen-based chemistry, MicroModal fibers are extracted from the pulp.

No single chemicals will be released in the environment, because of the closed circuit. And the pulp from the wood is produced at the same site as the MicroModal itself. And up to 95% of the production materials are recovered as a result of innovative environmental processes.

No waste of energy. No waste of wood. No waste of resources. And not only is the whole process PEFC & FSC certified, but also according to the  European Union Eco-label.



Our craftsmen and woman in Estonia

After the MicroModal is ready, our craftsmen and woman in Estonia will turn the textile into Hidddn undershirts. And why we produce in Estonia? For the highest level of finishing and to make sure all the working conditions are according to European Union regulations.

MicroModal facts!

Did you know..?

  • MicroModal is 50% more breathable than cotton?
  • MicroModal is 50% more moisture absorbent than cotton?
  • No artificial irrigation and planting is needed to make beech trees grow?
  • MicroModal is anti-bacterial due to its good breathability?
  • Annoying body odors are being neutralized?
  • MicroModal keeps its shape, even after zillion times of washing?
  • Hidddn undershirts are slim-fit and due to MicroModal like a second skin?
  • MicroModal is softer than silk?
  • MicroModal does not shrink, even after a zillion times of washing?
  • That Hidddn undershirts are non-iron because of the MicroModal?
  • MicroModal is color resistant? It keeps its color after a zillion times of washing!
  • MicroModal can be washed at 40⁰? Although 30⁰ is enough and better for the environment.
  • MicroModal is made from natural materials and therefore 100% biodegradable?