About Hidddn


About Hidddn

Hidddn is a new clothing brand for men. Designing and producing invisible & breathable undershirts for men. With the core focus on comfort, protection and sustainability. Hidddn undershirts are 100% produced in the E.U. and made from 100% sustainable materials. Premium quality for a normal price.

Hidddn undershirts are made from MicroModal. Which is 50% better breathable and moisture absorbing than cotton, soft as silk, extremely comfortable, stretchy and are non-iron. And therefore a Hidddn undershirt is the perfect start of your day!

A comfortable & sustainable alternative

About HidddnA better world starts with yourself. Therefore Hidddn created a more comfortable and sustainable alternative for the everyday clothes we take for granted. The result: MicroModal.

MicroModal is made from 100% degradable botanic fibers derived from beech wood. Developed thanks to futuristic & innovative Austrian fibre technology.

The beech wood for MicroModal comes from sustainable European forest mainly Austria. Where the production takes place as well.

100% European production

The MicroModal used by Hidddn is produced in Austria. The whole production process is PEFC & FSC certified and awarded with theĀ  European Union Eco-label. Therefore we know for sure that our material is produced environmental friendly.

Eventually our wizards in Estonia turn the MicroModal into Hidddn undershirts from the highest quality.

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